We are one of the best property as well as casualty insurance providers, having 14.7% of market share and have written premiums around $25 billion during the last financial year. Our organization also publishes bi-monthly magazines and newsletters with which clients get updated about the latest advances in the field of vehicle, home and health insurance. At present we have more than 50,000 employees who are working in 30 different states around the country. In the past, we have received awards for the best company for health insurance and executive visibility.

Our aim

  • To make our clients aware about several insurance policies when they are planning to buy a new house.
  • To help our customers so that they get an idea about various types of disability coverage insurances.
  • To increase awareness among the people about various long-term and unforeseen benefits which they get by opting for health insurance.
  • To design customer centric services for our clients which provide them effective ease in choosing the best for themselves.

How are we different?

We have online as well as offline presence; moreover, you get a chance to fill various insurance forms in an electronic mode. Thus, the process gets very easy and it saves lots of your precious time. Professionals of our organization choose the most appropriate type of insurance for you so that you can easily pay the premiums in time and can reap a great deal of benefits in the future.

Why choose us?

At top insurer providers, our experts focus on providing holistic approach to protect you and your family members from unforeseen events. You can reach us around the clock to make an insurance claim, and our experts will assist you right away. We believe that family is the most important thing for an individual thus we provide you the best service for their health and protection.